Monday, November 14, 2005

The day is quickly approaching!! I really can't believe it! My sweet, sweet little baby boy, Jayden will soon be 1 year old! WOW! How time has just flown by! I still remember getting ready to go to the hospital for my c-section. I was so nervous and scared! (and I knew what to expect because I'd had 2 other c-sections with my other children). But I was still anxious. However, that feeling quickly vanished as I thought about seeing my new baby for the first time. I could hardly wait to hold this child in my arms and kiss those sweet, soft cheeks. I was thrilled when the doctor announced that we had a baby boy!! How wonderful! A new playmate for big brother Ryan and our daughter Kailyn was going to be a wonderful helper for mommy.
I have enjoyed watching JJ grow up and learn new things this past year. He loves to sit and play cars with Ryan (and I can see that there will be a few fights over those little vehicles in the near future) and he adores his older sister, Kailyn. I love watching him look up her, his eyes widen and the smile appears on his face as he leans towards her for a hug. It's the most precious thing to watch.

With Jayden I have my cuddler, too. He just loves to put his head on your shoulder and be cuddled & held. And, believe me, I'm milking that for all it's worth!!! I just love to cuddle with him. And , I know that before long, he won't want to cuddle with me all the time, so I've got to make every moment count now.

We're planning to have a small party - just our family - the 5 of us! How I wish that we lived closer to our families so that they could celebrate this milestone with us as well. But, this is where we are in life right now. I will be sure to take some pictures so that we can remember this wonderful moment.


  1. love the new site, cari!!! i can't believe JJ is almost a year old already!!! congrats!! :)

  2. Checking out your blog from a another bloggers link :) Are you in Vermont too?? Very cute LO and also very cute pictures. Banner is great too!

  3. Cari,

    I love how you've done your blog especially your title and beautiful picture at the top!

    I can't believe it either that Jayden is one year old tomorrow. I remember coming to see you in the hospital and holding JJ for the first time. He was (and still is) very precious :). The pictures you've posted are wonderful because they show how is eyes sparkle and light up when he smiles!

    I'll be thinking about you as you celebrate this special, big day!