Tuesday, January 03, 2006

I'm always a bit sad when the christmas holidays are over. The excitement is overwhelming at the beginning and then ... all of a sudden ... it's over!
I just put away all the christmas decorations from inside the house. Now it seems rather bare in here. But, boy! It's so wonderful to clean up and have a fresh place again. And today we get our new leather couch!!! Yipee!!!! I can't wait!!! It's a big christmas present to ourselves! Yes! Most definitely spoiled but most definitely needed. If you'd seen our old one you'd know that we really needed a new one.

This photo collage is just a few of the pictures from our family time together this past christmas. We had such a great time together! I wish that we all lived closer so that we could get together more often. Especially for the children to play together! Maybe someday. Grandma (my mom) made all the grandchildren new pj's and they looked so cute in them. Kailyn made her daddy a picture frame with her school picture inside. She painted it all by herself and was so excited to give it to him. Ryan was rather quiet on Christmas morning because he wasn't feeling very well. Maybe he was just too excited!

Now the new year has begun and 2006 is here! Wow! I have so many things that I would like to accomplish this year. However, I'm not one to make new year's resolutions because I know that I can never keep them. I do know, though, that I want & need to spend more time reading God's word, having my devotion, and spending time in prayer daily. I want my relationship with God to grow and become stronger. This past year hasn't been very good for me in that respect and I feel as if I've been a disappointment to Him. So, I really want to change that.
I would also like to watch what I eat, take better care of myself and excercise often. I want to take more pictures this year. I want to play with my children more and more importantly have more patience with them. I would also like to keep my house cleaner than I have been. I tend to leave things 'til they drive me nuts. I need a more weekly regime for this area. And yes, of course, I want to scrap tons!!!! Every day would be wonderful but not realistic.
So, I guess I've got my work cut out for me! LOL! And hopefully I'll be able to accomplish this and more!

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  1. Love the photos, Cari! Looks liek you all had a fabulous time. I think you and Tim should just move out here to be closer to them, and me! ;)