Thursday, February 16, 2006

Mojo? Where are you?

Well, getting back into the scrapping "groove" has been a hard process for me this past week. Lost a bit of my "mojo" but I think it's slowly coming back. (I think I scrapped myself out before CHA!)
I've been working on some cards for Canadian Scrapbooker magazine and that's been a fun way to get back into it. One of the cards is a Birthday card that I made with some of the new papers from Polar Bear Press. This new line is just so pretty.

I'm also working on altering a clock for CX. A rather fun project (yet I'm not too sure if I really like it yet). It's still a work in progress. So we'll see.
Well, off I go to continue my work on these projects and hopefully get started on some new ones too. Got lots to do and I'm running out of time this month!
Hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's day! Mine wasn't anything special especially since Tim was out of town since Sunday. He got home yesterday. So maybe we'll celebrate later on this month.


  1. pegmanrique7:31 AM

    gorgeous card, cari. enjoy your weekend!

  2. darien2:49 PM

    we're going to celebrate later this month too....I was home sick all week! Oh well. You'll be glad to know that you've inspired me to start with my scrapping again; I need to finish my wedding album. The scrapping I like. The sorting of pictures....argh. :-)

  3. I LOVE this card, Cari! It's GORGEOUS! Can't wait to see your clock! I did one for my mom for Christmas and it turned out awesome!

  4. cari!!! that card is awesome!! you rock! :D