Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I am reminded once again ...

... at how quickly life can be taken from us. I may not be around too much today because my dad phoned me this morning with some very heartbreaking news.
Some dear family friends, (father, mother, their daughter, son-in-law & their baby and the grandmother) were in a tragic accident this past weekend. The mother and grandmother were both killed. The other 3 adults have broken legs and the baby is 100 % fine. But, my heart is just ready to explode from this sadness.

I know that God is Sovereign and holds us in the palm of His hands and he has everything planned for a reason. I do believe that and I do trust Him.
Hearing news like this, though, is still so very heartwrenching and I'm sure I'll be crying a fair bit today.

Make sure you give you kids, husband, wife, eveyone you love a big hug and kiss today and tell them that you love them. Life can change in an instant!

So, as I sign off here, I just want to tell all of you, my family and dear friends that I love you and you all play a significant part in my life.


  1. darien4:50 PM

    Cari, this world is so very small....I am sorry for your news. I am humbled because I think I heard of this story earlier today, because of someone in my church here in Ottawa...was this the accident in Timber Junction Oregon? (http://www.katu.com/stories/86773.html)

    My prayers are with you, and with your friends, and with your friend's family.


  2. oh cari...i am so very sorry to hear of such tragic news..my heart and prayers go out to you, your family and friends. hugs...k

  3. Oh my word, what heartbreaking news Cari. I am so sorry for your loss.