Sunday, June 11, 2006

What a week!

It's amazing how life just goes!
As you can see I didn't even get time to figure out that photo slide thing. So, ... oh well. Some day when I have that "free" moment I'll give it a try again. LOL!

I've been working on my CX assignments this past week. Trying to finish them off so that I can get them mailed off this week. Then there's still a whack load of other projects that need to be tackled. It's a very busy month!

I can't believe that Kailyn is almost finished school. She only has 3 more weeks of Kindergarten left. Wow! I'm rather sad about it actually. I can't believe that she's almost finished and will soon be going to Grade 1!!! Yikes! It's actually scary because she's been having these mood swings lately that seem as though they are forewarnings of the teen years! What fun! Oh, I know it's just a phase but boy! It gets tiring rather quickly!!

Well, I'm going to go & sit and relax with my hubby for a little while before going to bed. Gotta get up early tomorrow morning for my exercise regime! Yep! I'm still working at. Tim & I are also doing these videos that have some kick boxing and exercises with these rubber ropes. Oh my!! Talk about sore arms and legs! What a work out it is. I must admit, though, that I like that feeling afterwards because it reminds me that I'm going to be in shape one day soon.

I made altered the cutest little watering can the other day. I've got a few of them that I got at Ikea a month or so ago. They're just adorable. I'll try to post a picture of it this week (when I remember).

I just posted the new Bi-Weekly Challenge at STM so go and take a look. I'd love to see what you come up with. Have fun!


  1. hey cari! can't wait to see the watering can! sounds too cute. sure wish we had an ikea near by! send me some of that "work out" motivation...pleeezzz! :) kuddos to you! have a good week! (i have one cx project down, one to go!)

  2. Nichol6:21 PM

    I want to see that watering can, too! (and NO cx projects done

  3. i am so impressed and inspired by your discipline with exercise! i need to get back to it!