Thursday, July 06, 2006

Oh my!!

What a morning!
We've been having extemely hot weather here lately and today we woke up to a rather cloudy hazey day. I took the kids out to do some errands and our last stop was the grocery store. Well, I told them that we needed to be quick because it looked like it was going to rain. Sure enough. We're paying for the groceries and the skies open and it is just pouring. We make a run for it, the kids are squealing, Jayden doesn't know what's happening and why he's getting so wet and I'm just yelling "hurry, hurry, hurry!" It was quite a sight. We really looked like we had just come out of the shower - clothes & all!
Now the sun is shining again and the heat is making its' return.

After lunch I made an Angel Food cake because we're having company/friends over for supper tonight. I didn't want to pay for it at the grocery store so I thought I'd make one. Oh my!!! Can you disaster!!!
Have you ever made one before? I used a package for mine. And it said to make sure you had the right size pan. I thought I did. But, obviously NOT!!!!!!!!! My oven is a MESS!!!!! The cake spilled over the edges like Niagara Falls and let me tell you - it's not easy to clean up!!!
Guess I'll be cleaning my oven tomorrow! (thankfully I have a self-cleaning one! :) ) and tonight we'll enjoy our Angel Flop cake! LOL! (with some yummy strawberries and ice cream!)

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  1. oh no!!!! sounds like quite a day, cari!