Saturday, August 05, 2006

Happy Saturday

Well, finally a day with no rain. It's actually sunny again with some clouds. Nice for a change.

Kids were up early this morning and so was Tim. He got up at 5:30am to go golfing with a friend. He didn't play very well so he was a bit disappointed when he came home. Such is the life of a golf player.

I got an email today from Jackie (Canadian Scrapbooker) requesting 3 of my layouts. Yeah! So happy. This is such a wonderful magazine and always looks so great. I can't wait to see the Fall issue because my sweet Ryan is on the front cover. Look here. I'm so excited about this issue.

I was productive last night and started & finished a layout for CX. Only have 4 more to go for them. LOL! Then I have some other projects to tackle.

I was hoping to paint a bedroom today. Right now (and for the last 2 years) Kailyn & Ryan share a bedroom. Jayden is in Kailyn's old bedroom. Well, there's going to be a switch and the boys are going to share a room and Kailyn is going to have her own room again. She's quite excited about it. Anyways, there's still a few touch up things to do in that room before I start painting so I'll have to wait 'til another day when there's more time.
It's not going to be much fun trying to get the boys used to sleeping in the same room either. Yikes!! That'll be fun!

Here's a layout that I did for Canadian Scrapbooker that didn't get picked up but that's ok because I still love it!


  1. Cari that cover page is GORGEOUS! Or maybe tell Ryan I said "handsome" instead! ha ha
    So proud of you. Keep it up girl!

  2. Ryan is such a handsome little fellow and he looks fab on the cover! Love the layout!

  3. love the layout! good luck with the room makeover. ;)

  4. I just love this layout Cari!!!!

  5. love the layout too cari! very cute as always! i so need to paint a few bedrooms too! been dragging my feet! trying to pick out a color other than pink! :) still need to tackle my lo's for cx too. but waiting ever so patiently for my package of product! hugs...kori