Monday, January 15, 2007

Another day! Another year!

It was my 38th birthday yesterday. I really can't believe that I'm that old already! WOW! I can still remember playing barbies with my best friend (and we were in Gr.5!!!)
Well, my day started off with my kids singing Happy Birthday to me as I came downstairs for breakfast, we went to church, treated the kids (and me) with some lunch, enjoyed a delicious carrot cake that I'd made the day before and relaxed by scrapping all afternoon. Then my hubby & I watched the season premiere of 24! Love that show! It was a very nice day!

On Saturday I took in my project for the Valentines class I'm going to teach. I must admit that I was quite anxious for the owners to see it because this is my very 1st class ever. And I really want to do a good job. Well, they just loved it & that totally made my day! I was just thrilled. Too top it off people even signed up for the class while I was in the store which just surprised me! I'm looking forward to seeing & meeting all the students who will be taking this class. Here's a little sneek peak at what I'm teaching. It's a mini album of "thing i love".

My mind is just filled with so many other ideas for classes that I just can't wait to get them started. I'm already working on my 2nd one!!!

Well, I should run. I'm really in need of a good cup of coffee this morning.


  1. Anonymous10:18 AM

    Happy birthday girl - and you haven't aged bit!!! ;o)
    Love your album - I wish I could come to Canada and take a class!!!

  2. Anonymous2:45 PM

    Happy birthday girl, sounds like a perfect one! Wish I could take your class, everything you do is just so beautiful and I have never seen anything done by you that I didn't like. Actually you and Ki (and Anna Sigga of course!) are by far my favorite scrappers. Just got the BG newsletter and have to congratulate you on that, your beautiful children and your great taste and artistic abilities just make the greatest LO. HUGS from Iceland. Svala

  3. Anonymous2:49 PM

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Cari! And..I too love your album. Sure wish I was home, cause I'd be signing up for sure! I am glad you had such a lovely day (you youngster!). You deserve it!


  4. Anonymous5:18 PM

    Happy Birthday Cari! And so happy to see you in the "I Spy" section of the Basic Grey newsletter - and on your birthday no less - how perfect is that? So happy for you!!!!

  5. happy belated birthday! we're both capricorns! :)