Monday, January 08, 2007

A new week ...

... a new day! Things get back to "normal" today with the kids going back to school (have to wake Kailyn up in 15 minutes) and me teaching piano lessons again. I must admit that I'm a bit sad to see them going back but it will definitely be a bit quieter around here, that's for sure. This last week they were going nuts and the noise volume was unreal!

Kailyn is pretty excited about seeing her friends again. I'm so glad that she likes her school, teacher and friends. It's been a good experience for her so far. I know she's only in Gr.1 but I pray that she will many wonderful school years ahead and that she will continue with her education after high school.
I'm pretty sure Ryan is excited to go back to Preschool today too. I'm sure by 10am he'll be asking me if it's time yet!! LOL!

As for Tim, well, he's taking some time right now to get a little business going (he was doing this on the side when he had his other job). He really likes it and enjoys doing this and working with the people involved. I really haven't seen him this happy about a job before. Now before I say he's got a business going you must know that HE DOESN'T ... not quite yet at least. So for me, this is hard & stressful because I don't know how we are to pay the bills, etc. right now.
I am thankful though that he doesn't have to go to his other job that he hadn't liked for a few years now but the waiting and patience for this other opportunity to get going is difficult for me. I'm not that great with patience in the first place.

Now in terms of waiting for things to happen. well, I can't do that this month. I know I mentioned last week that it's a busy month for me and I'm realizing that it's the second week of January now and I have a truck-load of assignments to get done before CHA! So that's what I'll be doing these days.

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  1. hey cari! it's strange to have the kiddos back in school, huh. but in a way it's nice to get back to a routine again. glad to hear things are going better for tim. and that he actually likes his work! :) that's always a plus! good luck w/ the assignments...hugs