Monday, February 19, 2007

It's Family Day today.

In Alberta we have a special holiday, the kids don't have to go to school and it's meant for families to spend time together. So we're hoping to get out this afternoon and do something fun with the kids after lunch.
I had a rough night last night. Woke up because of a terrible dream - it was not good. But thankful it was just a dream.

I've been busy working on some class projects for Canada's Scrapbooking Crop for Kids! It's been so much fun coming up with ideas and projects. I'm looking forward to seeing all the other class projects that are going to be available too.
Registration is going to start in March so that is why we need our class projects finished. I'll be teaching 4 classes. 2 for Polar Bear Press and 2 for We R Memory Keepers. I'm very excited about it. Now I just hope that people will like my projects! LOL!

Well, I should go get the kiddos some lunch now. Have a great day!


  1. Anonymous8:02 PM

    That's great news about your classes for the Crop for Kids! WTG Cari! Who woulda thunk it hey? You'll have lots of practice under your belt from your classes at the store by the time the crop happens so you won't have to worry about nerves by then - you'll be an old pro and wondering why you had nerves about teaching at all!
    Happy Family Day to the Locken family!

  2. Anonymous5:51 AM

    What a neat holiday. Ihope you and your family had a grat day.

    I'm sure everyone will love your projects for your classes. I've never seen anything you scrapped that I didn't like!

    So proud of you!

  3. HOW cna they NOT like your projects girly girl! You ROck outloud!!!

    everything was closed in Mobile monday and Tuesday too for Mardi Gras. I put up lots of photos we had too much fun!