Thursday, May 31, 2007

IT's beautiful today!

Yes, another beautiful sunny day! We're having some really nice weather lately and it just feels like a long time in coming. I love it!

Oh, and I enjoyed my Mother's Day gift yesteday as well. A MASSAGE!!!!!! It was wonderful and just what I needed. In fact I really should get that more often! heehee!!

Here's another layout that is in the summer issue of Canadian Scrapbooker. The pictures are of my nephew and my kids from last summer. They just loved playing in the mucky stuff! And yes! It was a lot of fun to clean off afterwards!

These are a couple of cards that I had published in Paper Crafts special issue YOU GO GIRL!
It's a great issue filled with so many wonderful & creative ideas!
Well, I've got a ton of projects to get done in the next few weeks. It's amazing how things seem to pile up or are due around the same time. I shouldn't be surprised really, because it often ends up this way. Plus I always seem to add my own stuff onto my list of projects & assignments which doesn't help but what can I say! I love doing this!


  1. Anonymous10:06 AM

    Geez Cari you're everywhere!! Congrats on all your pubs - well deserved!

  2. uh, what a nice gift. a massage sure sounds nice! fun layout and cards...congrats on the pub.

  3. OOh, I love the 2nd card (the first one is great too!, but I love the little cut out girl!)

  4. love the stuff, cari! so so cute! i hope you had a great mother's day! your gift sounds amazing! :)