Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Still working on it.

I've been doing bits & pieces throughout the day on this thing. I added some new links to the right hand side of my blog.
  • My Publication Resume (which lists the various publications that I've had over the past few years)
  • My Classes & Projects (this isn't huge, by any means ('cause I'm just starting out) but it's fun for me to keep track of the classes I am teaching throughout the year.
I'm still working on my banner too. I played around & put in some old ones that I still had on file but they just didn't work for me so I'll have to work on a completely new one ... when I have some more time.

I've been thinking a lot about photography lately. My dream, when I can afford it, is to get a nice new DSLR (I have my eye on the Nikon D40), and then really learn how to use it properly. I'd love to take some classes on photography and maybe one day have my own studio. I would love to take baby photos, children's pictures, grad pics and weddings too (although that one could be a bit scary!) I know it's a HUGE dream but I have really been thinking a lot about it lately. But, it is still just a dream.
I've also been thinking about making invitations & announcements - and wondering if I could make a business of it. I know people are doing this now (and making a good business of it) and hand-made invitations are very popular these days. I certainly would need a whole lot of practice though before that ever became a possibility, that's for sure. However, it's still a small dream I have in the back of my head.

Maybe ... one day ... in a small way these will come true. We'll see. I will definitely keep praying about it, that's for sure.


  1. Anonymous7:44 PM

    Wow Cari...this is just my opinion, but you could TOTALLY do any of this. Your cards and pages and projects are brilliant, so I'm sure that your business would thrive.

    On another note, I hope to say hello in person this Sunday--I'm expecting to be in Fellowship!


  2. Cari, I think this is a fabulous dream and you are more than capable of accomplishing it! Start with baby steps...and soon you will be living it!

    My Mom gave me a beautiful book mark the other day that reads:

    'she believed she could. so she did.'

    Don't you just LOVE it!? So inspiring!!

  3. Anonymous2:33 PM

    Your blog is looking fab girl!!! And I love your dream (psst. its my secret dream too).
    You are an amazing woman and I know that you will triumph in whatever task you take on!! So I say GO GORL!!!
    Luv ya! ;o)

  4. love the new look... fresh and clean! we share some of the same dreams! but then again what scrapbooker doesn't want to take awesome pictures and do it for a living :) ha some day! we can dream, right!

  5. hey care! love your dreams and if you ever get moved out here, maybe we can share that "photography for pay dream"! ;)

    i miss you!


  6. Anonymous7:32 PM

    If anyone can do it - you can! I have total faith that you would be very successful at it! You are so talented that you could definitely make a go of it!