Monday, June 18, 2007

Busy weekend!

It was fun but I'm glad it's over too!

Friday I baked Ryan's birthday cake for his party this past Saturday. Boy! He was super excited about it. They were all up early Saturday morning. The party didn't start 'til noon and my kids were going crazy all morning - driving me nuts in the process!!

Anyways, I had fun decorating his cake - Lightning McQueen from the movie CARS - even if it did take me almost 2 hours to decorate the thing!!! I've never iced a cake like that before - usually it's just with a knife and put icing everywhere. Know what I mean? I actually had fun doing it although my arms were a bit sore afterwards.

I was just thrilled with it when he saw it - that made it all worthwhile!! Here's a picture of the cake (not the greatest pic but you get the idea) And yes, those are all little red stars that cover the majority of the cake!! I thought the tires looked pretty cool myself!

After the birthday party and somewhat of a clean-up I had to wrap up another present and get ready to go to a bridal shower, which was an hour or so drive away! It was a wonderful evening of chatting with some friends. Those bridal showers though, I often come away wanting to have another one myself!!! LOL! So many nice new nifty toys & gadgets and stuff out there these days!! It would be fun to start over don't ya think? (of course, I'd still start over with the same guy!! ) and get all the nice new colors and appliances. Although, I really shouldn't complain. Our stuff is still in pretty good shape. There's just a few things that aren't going to last very much longer but there easy enough to replace.
Yesterday was Father's Day. I missed seeing my Dad today. These are times when I wish we lived closer so that we could just pop in for a few hours and spend time together. I sometimes feel jealous that my brother & his family live just a block or so away and can be there whenever. (but I am glad that they can be there) Maybe one day we'll be able to do that too.
To be honest, we really didn't do much as a family today. Just spent time together playing and lounging. Tim tried to teach Ryan how to throw the little football that he got for his birthday. Other than that just trying to deal with some tired & whiney kids most of the day! Boy! They were so tired. Hopefully today won't be a repeat! LOL!
Anyways, off to do some laundry, get my cup of coffee and do more cleaning up around here! Hope you have a great day!


  1. Anonymous5:14 PM

    Cari! You need to quit your day job and take up cake decorating - that cake is awesome!! Happy Birthday to your little guy :)

  2. wow! that cake is incredible! Sounds like you had a crazy weekend!

  3. Wowzers!! Cari that cake is just amazing!! I'm convinced there is no end to your talent!(LOL!)

  4. The Cake is awesome!

  5. Anonymous8:09 AM

    Wowserz girl - that cake looks fabulous and ohh so delish!!! I am now even more certain that you can do no wrongs girl!!

  6. Anonymous12:44 PM

    That cake look fabulous!! My son would love to have one of those at his birthday too!

    Henriƫtte KB

  7. wow cari...your cake turned out great! you did a fabulous job! you could strike up a whole new career. :)