Monday, June 11, 2007

Time is just flying by!

Wow! I can't believe that the school year is almost over for my kiddos! It seems like it's just flown by!

Ryan will be finished preschool this Wednesday and Kailyn is done at the end of the month! It's kind of exciting & scary at the same time because it means new grades for the fall! Yikes!

It's a busy week this week.

Need to make & finish some teacher gifts, send out invitations for Ryan's 5th birthday (which is Saturday), teach a Card Class this Tuesday evening (which I'm very excited about), buy a shower gift for a bridal shower that I'm invited to on Saturday evening, was invited to another bridal shower for Thursday night but not sure I'll make it to that one, plan & prepare for Ryan's birthday party (like baking the cake, cupcakes, figuring out some games & maybe a little craft or something), attend Ryan's last day of school (and can't forget to take pictures), plus I've got a bunch of scrapbook assignments and classes to work on as well. Phew! What a week!
But it's amazing how it always seems to get done.

So, if I'm not around much ... that's why. Hope you all have a wonderful Monday and rest of the week.
Well, I should go. Got a ton of laundry to do today!!


  1. WOW! you are one busy girl! I know what you mean...somehow it all manages to get done! I wonder, does it count as a workout?? hee hee! Have fun with the party plans! Hope to see you soon!

  2. Anonymous4:57 AM

    wow Cari those cards are beautiful! wish I could take the class! Happy Birthday Ryan!!!