Friday, October 05, 2007


So glad it's Friday! It's been a busy week.

I was working on projects & prepping for my class tomorrow during the first part of the week. Then on Thursday mornnig I went to Ryan's class (because it was his "special" day ~ he's the teacher's helper and helps with the calendar, etc). It was fun to see him interact and answer the questions that she asked him. But boy!!! I have such a great appreciation for her job!! WOW!! That class was hard. And it's only Kindergarten. I was exhausted when I came home and I really didn't do much with them. She was constantly telling the same few kids to be quiet, sit still, sit at the table quietly, etc. Anyways, I truly appreciate her job now.

Yesterday, I was able to go on Ryan's first field trip with him. I was excited about it just like he was. However, I'm not too sure why I chose to go on this one ~ probably because it was his first. We went to Sobey's (a grocery store). It's actually kind of humorous because I don't enjoy going to the grocery store with my own 3 kids and here I am with 2 full classes of kindergarten aged kids!! It's kind of funny! And lucky me. I had one of the boys that needed me to hold his hand the entire time just so that he would stay in my group and stop touching EVERYTHING!!! But it was a good time (even though I ended up with a wicked headache in the afternoon).

After the field trip I decided that it was time for Ryan and me to have a special little "date" because we don't get to spend much time together alone. There's always more than one child with me (Daddy had J.J.) so I took Ryan to McD's for lunch. He had a great time and grinned and chatted through the entire lunch. He was so cute. And to top it off he got a new car as part of his Happy Meal - that was even better for him!!

Looks like a busy weekend for me. I'm teaching a class tomorrow at Urban (Thanksgiving clear album), then music practice at church in the afternoon, then working on more projects in the evening. Sunday - church and leading the music, and then working on more projects the rest of the day. Busy, busy. Hopefully I'll get those projects done 'cause the deadlines are fast approaching.

I can't believe it! A week today Canada's Scrapbooking Crop for Kids begins!!!!!!!!! Wow!!! It's really here now!!! How exciting! I'm so excited to meet new people, make new friends and see some familiar faces. (Kelly G! ;))

Well, I should go some some lunches ready, breakfast started and kiddos out of bed. Have a great day & fabulous weekend!


  1. It is amazing how much work the kindergarten kids are! I could never figure out why they do that field trip either! It doesn't exactly keep their attention! LOL

    Have a great weekend!

  2. sound super busy, girl! Can't wait to see you at Urban today!