Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Kinda scary!

We had a bit of a scare last night.

We were getting the kids ready for bed ~ doing the brushing of teeth, etc. I came downstairs to get Jayden's bears (he carries about 3 or 4 with him all day long!!) and I could hear this sound of water drops.
You know, like in the summertime when it's raining and the wanter is dripping off of your roof or from the eves. Well, this was pretty loud and sounded like it was in the walls or up above my head. It was really strange.

So I found the bears, went back upstairs and told Tim what I heard but he just thought it was water from outside. I had a hard time agreeing with that one though because it's freezing outside right now. Anyways ...

We put the kids to bed, came downstairs having forgotten about the water dripping. I was finding something to eat for supper because I hadn't eaten yet (due to the fact that I'd been teaching piano all evening). Tim & I starting talking about something and I just happened to look up at our kitchen ceiling. Oh my!!!!! I'm sure my eyes were the largest they'd ever been. Sure enough there was a long line of wet stucko showingon the ceiling! We both ran upstairs to the kid's bathroom to see where it was coming from.
There was a loose connection on the pipe somewhere so we tightened that and the water stopped leaking. Mind you under the sink & in the cupboard was a wet mess!

For the rest of the evening I had a difficult time concentrating on my work that I needed to get done. I was so worried that the wet marks were going to spread. I worried about how much water was really lying up there. I worried about parts of the ceiling falling down. I just couldn't relax, Needless to say I had a pretty restless sleep and yes ... I'm a worry-wart!!

Well, I woke up this morning to the sound of tiny footsteps coming to my side of the bed (at 6am) and later came downstairs to find the the water had dried up on the ceiling and everything was still in place. Phew! So relieved. I just hope that there's not a pool of water up there still.

So now, back to regular things. I'll try not to worry about that anymore. I've got enough to think about right now. Plus the snow we've been getting since Sunday has put me in a bit of a Christmasy mood so I'm doing my Christmas cards now too.
Oh and by the way, for all of you that wanted me to post a pic of my hair cut - I should just tell you that it's not super short or anything drastic. (so I won't bother to post a pic). He did cut off a good 2 inches and cut it on a slight angle at the back. I really do like it and will probably go a bit shorter next time I go.

Hope you all have a great Wednesday!


  1. Glad that the water dried! I would have worried all night too

  2. What a scare! So glad that there wasn't a drastic amount of damage to contend with. And, yes, I too am a worry-wort (not a good my dh would say)!