Monday, June 16, 2008

I am blessed!

I really am! As I sit here this morning having my devotions I know that I am so blessed and I'm so thankful to God for all that He has done in my life and all that He continues to do.
We have our house up for sale (and Ki, we're moving to BC - to be closer to family). After my grandma died last November and I was able to be at the funeral - it was such a celebration time of family and it really was an amazing time together. I realized how important it was to be near my family.
So, yes, our house is up for sale and that is definitely a HUGE trust thing with me & God. I find myself almost hourly relying on Him for patience and being my strength. I do have such peace about this and I know that this is what we are to do. I know, too, that He has the perfect people to buy our house. I do admit it was a bit emotional for me to see that sign up on our front lawn though. This is our 1st house. A place where we have brought home our 3 babies and have raised them in this home. I know that we'll find another place to call home but it's still a sentimental thing for me.
I do find myself, at times, throughout the day, feeling anxious about the house selling - because the market is so lousy right now. But I am reminded that He will supply all my needs. Everything. He will take care of us. In His time all things are perfect.

Yesterday was a quiet day here for Father's Day. We just relaxed, kids played, Tim watched golf on TV (his favorite sport) and I was able to scrapbook a little bit. Doing some Guest Designer work for next month - yes, I got another one!!! I'm so excited. God is good!!!

And, I'm constantly amazed at how quickly pages are coming together for me!!! I'm just loving scrapbooking right now! The ideas are just poppin in my head and I don't want it to stop. Haha!

Do you ever get that feeling? Oh come on, I know that some of you do.
See, I'm not usually a fast scrapbooker and it can often take me 2 days to finish a layout. However, these last few weeks (maybe month 1/2 or so) I've been able to finish a layout in a day and sometimes 2 layouts!!! It's a wonderful feeling of accomplishment.

Got a busy day today and hoping to get some ideas for my son's birthday party. As school will be finished next week this seems to be a busy time. So ... of to get some breakfast ready and the kids up & ready for school.

Hope you have a great day!


  1. I definitely get that feeling when I am scrapping! I say just run with it and scrap as much as you can (especially before you have to pack things up).

    I totally agree with what you said about God providing and His timing. I am praying that your house sells quickly and that you are able to find a new place that you love and that everything goes smoothly with your upcoming move.

  2. Good luck with selling your house Cari! I'm sure everything will go well for ya!

  3. i knew it! :) i'm doing a little happy dance here, cari! good luck with selling your house quickly. He will provide and will make things go so smoothly, Cari! YAY! :)


  4. Anonymous7:33 PM

    Oh no! Say it isn't so! I know that we don't get to see each other much at all but I am still going to really miss you, all of you. I know we will always stay in touch but still.... well, oh darn it! Now I kick myself for not being more vigilant at seeing you more often. Okay, color me sad.... *pout*