Sunday, October 26, 2008

Still pluggin' away.

We're still working on getting things unpacked.  It's hard for me sometimes because I'd like to have everything done and things set up & decorated.  
I've been working on some DT work for Scrap Shotz with the new November kit.  It's wonderful stuff and I'm having fun creating projects with it.
I'm also working on my class kits for the Creative Expo which is in a few weeks!  I'm almost done kitting. Just need to finish up with final details on my class instructions, find a few last minute supplies and then I'm ready to go!!

This afternoon my dad came by to pick me up and took me & my sister-in-law to play 9 holes of golf! We had a great time and it was such a nice day to be outside.  I haven't played golf in years so I felt a little rusty on those first few holes.  Well, actually all 9!!  I did manage to make some good contact a couple of times but I would definitely need more practice if I was to keep that up.
Thanks Dad, I really enjoyed the afternoon with you & Gina!

Did you know that my dad is an artist.  He has painted since he was a young boy and I admire his work a great deal.  I love how he can put the paint (whether it's watercolor or oils) onto the canvas and create such beautiful art!
Here's a LINK to his site where you can see many of his creations.

Hope you have a great week!


  1. So that is where you get your talent from! Cute picture of the kiddies!

  2. WOW!! They are wonderful. I love the one that is called 'Mykonos Day Off. Love the colours. You are such a talented family.

  3. Love your dad's work! TFS!

    Great new banner!

    I hope set-up is going well! Can't wait to see some photos. :)

  4. Hey girl! Long time no chat! Hearing that you got to play golf makes me a little jealous! Guess living in BC helps :) Love the shot of your kids btw!!


  5. I remember you telling me about that painting your Dad did of your beautiful children on the's gorgeous! He's an extremely talented artist...guess the apple didn't fall too far from the tree!! :)