Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I'm back!

Well, it's not like I really had to travel anywhere but I'm back from BC's Creative Expo and we had a great time! My Mom and sister-in-law joined me and that was a nice treat to have them around.  We enjoyed a delicious dinner on Friday night and had a great overnight in a hotel downtown!
My classes went well ... although it's always a learning experience and a great way to know how to things a bit differently next time.  
It was great to see friends and meet new ones too! Thanks so all of my wonderful sponsors (Scenic Route, Rose Moka, Stix 2, Gelatins, Pageframes) - I really appreciated all that you did.

Now, tonight .... I'm feeling a bit anxious right now but I'm still excited about it too.  I start my first running class with the Running Room.  Yep! I'm starting to run and learning the proper way to do it so that I don't end up hurting myself. My goal (and it may not be huge to some of you) is to run a 5K in January when the class ends and then I'd like to do a 10K after that.  And who knows maybe a 1/2 marathon in the spring ... we'll have to see how things go though.
So, for tonight it looks like it's going to be a soggy 1st run however. Oh well.  That's life here on the coast.


  1. Hooray for your running class. If you ever get bored read the book Slow Burn by Stuart ummmmm...dang, can't remember.

    And you can SO do a 1/2. If I could do that for my very first run ever then I KNOW you can. I'm such a wuss!

    I'm bummed we didn't get to do ours this past weekend, but still had fun hanging out with Tracey.

    I'm glad you had fun teaching! I wish I could have been there.

  2. Anonymous3:17 PM

    So nice seeing you this weekend! Good luck with the running!!!!

  3. Sounds like you had a great time! How great that you are doing a running class!

  4. So nice to have seen you this past weekend, however I wish we could have spent more time chatting! Maybe next time???

    Anyways, good luck with your running class and I have no doubt in my mind about your reaching and exceeding all of your expectations! Go for it girlie!!!

  5. Good for you taking a running class Cari! It's nice to have others to keep you motivated, I'm sure...wouldn't know cuz I am sooooo NOT a runner! :P

  6. Cari,
    Thanks for saying "hi" on my blog! It's so good to hear from you. It's fun to see your blog, cute family & amazing scrapbook layouts (you haven't lost your touch!)

    We've almost liquidated all of our inventory. It's been so great to simplify our life and only have 1 business. I'll add you to my sidebar so I can keep in touch!

    Take care! Michelle