Monday, July 06, 2009

He's home soon and Merry Christmas!!

Well, my hubby went away a few days ago for his 25th year high school reunion!!  I know! 25 years!!  He just called before he boarded the plane and said that he had a wonderful time!  I'm anxious to see him - as the kids have been a handful these last few days.  The heat probably didn't help with my patience level either!!

I'm thrilled to be designing for Black River Designs and this month we had a theme of Christmas in July.  You'll have to be sure to check out the BRD blog as there's a ton of amazing projects being posted throughout the month. It's been hot here so thinking about the cooler weather was actually a welcome thought!

Here's some cards that I made last night.

Well, I need to finish up with supper now as the kids are getting antsy!


  1. yay for your dh coming home!

    beautiful projects, as always, cari. your work is just so inspiring!

  2. Great stuff Cari, man I love those papers!!

  3. Love all the new creations you have pulled off. Always so fresh and original. Wish I lived closer to BC
    so I could take a couple of your classes!
    Makes me cherish the one that you designed for "Scrapbook Your Heart" at Camp Caroline even more.
    Have a great week!

  4. I love those cute layouts. Love the colours, one so refreshing the other so warm. Love to see what you have been up to!

    Ali x