Sunday, July 26, 2009

A little reminder of Edmonton

So yesterday we had some hot weather.  We've actually been having tons of warm weather. It's been a great summer - definitely not one to complain about.

Anyways, late afternoon-supper hour it started to thunder and lightening.  It totally reminded me of being back in Edmonton. I had to chuckle though because it was funny to watch people sit out on their porches watching the storm.  It was like they hadn't experienced it before.  I admit it was  a little bittersweet.  I almost missed having those late afternoon thunderstorms.  The clouds were always so amazing to look at and then seeing the rain come!  And yes, we did get a lot of rain. Tim had been golfing in the afternoon and so they got a bit wet. 

I woke up this morning to very, very humid weather and was not looking forward to joining my running group.  But, I tried to plug along on our 10K run.  It was tough for me and I was quite exhausted. But I did it!!

Last week we enjoyed the water slides at Cultus Lake along with my brother and his family.  It was a perfect day to be there and the kids just had a blast! So did the adults!! It was so refreshing and cooled us off.

We celebrated my mom's 66th birthday this past week.  I think she's fabulous for 66! She's in good shape and can keep up with my kids! And trust me, there are days when that's not easy!
This week we'll celebrate Tim's 43rd birthday!! Wow!! 43. Hard to believe.  I've got him a great b-day present and can't wait to give it to him. I'm pretty sure he'll like it too.

We've also taken the kids to Aldergrove Lake where they've had fun in the water and playing with their sand toys.

We've enjoyed walks at the beach & eating far too many ice cream cones! But that's what summer is all about right?

Well, that's it for now. Time to get some lunch for the kids.
Hope you have a great Sunday!

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