Friday, May 07, 2010

First Track Meet

Well, today was my daughter's first track & field meet. She was so excited. I was up at 6am getting lunches ready and other stuff, got her up, we were off to the school to pick up some other girls and then we were off for a full day of events. The Lord blessed our day with the perfect weather too. It was just a gorgeous day!

Kailyn had to wait a while until her first event which was the 100m. She did a great job running and came in 2nd!
A picture of the girls just before their event.

Love this look!
The are some of her team mates that ran in the 100m relay race. They came in 4th in that event.

Then she ran the 200 m and came in 2nd again! So proud of her!

Tim picked up JJ after Kindergarten and he stayed for a while being his typical self! Silly boy!

Her last race of the day was the 400m. She did amazing. The event was run with all the girls in their teams (all running at the same time). So there was approx.13 girls out there. Once again Kailyn did an amazing job and placed 4th.
It was hard taking pictures all the time though because I really want to watch her & cheer and that's not all that easy through a camera lense!

So, she was pretty excited with the day and how things went and thoroughly enjoyed her 1st ever Track & Field day!

Now it's homemade pizza night!!! Yeah! Time to celebrate!

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  1. Hi Cari! So nice to meet you and welcome to the Paper Trunk team. I'm enjoying browsing thru your site. Your daugher is a cutie...look at her go. I ran track but wasn't that fast...boohoo. hee hee
    Congrats again and looking forward to getting to know you.