Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Working on things here

Well, I'm still playing around with my blog. I'm not sure but it was just looking busy ... still does to me. So, I'll just putter around with it when I have time here & there.

I've been working on-call (doing switchboard) a fair bit this past month and haven't been able to scrapbook too much lately but I was able to get a layout done today that I'll be posting on Friday for The Inspired Scrapbooker. I can't remember if I mentioned that they moved from Typepad to Blogger. Here's the new blog.

I thought I'd share a couple layouts that I did using Core' Amour collection - it's so different and fun to use. The embossed designs on this paper is just so pretty and really comes out when you sand it.

Well, that's it for now. Off to try to scrapbook.


  1. These layouts are gorgeous! I really like the blog header that you have. I accidentally deleted my template so now my blog is pretty boring!

  2. Beautiful layouts Cari! Yes the embossed is very cool.