Sunday, September 05, 2010

Turning 10!

Someone in our family is celebrating their 10th birthday today. I truly cannot believe that it's been 10 years since we brought her home from the hospital. I remember that day clearly.
Yes, Kailyn is thrilled to have reached the double digits today.

Yesterday, I surprised her when we were shopping (for running shoes for school) by taking her to get her ears pierced. It was funny because she had just asked me about it and I tried to ignore the subject. Then I just walked into this store that we don't go in ('cause I knew it would be a good place to get it done) and she was shocked, excited and then a bit nervous & scared when she realized what was happening. But she was just thrilled with the end result and I was so thankful that there were two girls there and they did her ears at the same time. So, she was done in a flash!
And I'm sure you can see a bit of it in the picture above ... but last week just before we were heading out the door to the PNE Kailyn slipped as she was putting her chair away in her room (it's a folding chair). She fell and sliced the skin open just above her lip. I thought for sure she would have to have stitches. But the doctor just put some sterri strips on it and we left it for a week. We went today to get it off but the scab underneath is attached too snugly to the sterri strip so he just left it and it will come off soon. Kailyn hopes soon ... like in a few days before school starts. So I'm pretty sure we'll be wetting it to moisten that thing off somehow and hopefully it's healed nicely underneath.

Anyways, that's our exciting news for the day! Now off to church and do some birthday celebrations afterwards!
Have a wonderful Sunday!


  1. Anonymous3:56 AM

    Happy 10th Birthday Kailyn!! hope your day was wonderful - your earrings are very pretty :)
    as for the steri strips, sometimes they do like to stick good, definitely soak them in water and they'll be off in no time.

  2. Happy Birthday, Kailyn! Beautiful girl. Pierced ears are so exciting. Sorry about the cut.