Friday, October 22, 2010

Sorry ...

I've been MIA for a while here.
It's been quite a week!

Last Saturday my hubby took the kids swimming. On their way home this happened.

I tell ya, that is a mother's worst nightmare to receive a phonecall about something like that. I'm just so thankful that the Lord has his hand of protection on my family. They are all safe and ok. Some cuts, bruises and whiplash is what they're experiencing right now.

We found out the other day that the car is a right off however, so that's disappointing. I still have my family though.
It was a fabulous car with hardly any mileage on it and my hubby thought it would last him years. Now the pain of finding another new vehicle. Ah yes, but I still have my family!

We've had some gorgeous weather and this past Wednesday we enjoyed a sunny day watching Kailyn run at her 1st cross-country meet. She was awesome!!! Hundreds of kids were at this event and their school placed 3rd in their division! I'm so proud of Kailyn and her friends!

I've got a post up on the Paper Trunk blog today. If you've been following along with us over there then you've been keeping track of the words from previous posts right? I posted another word and a layout that I created.

Here's a peek.
Well, I'm outta here. I need to finish up some kitting as I'm teaching some classes at The Ultimate Scrapbook Retreat tomorrow.

Have a great Friday and fabulous weekend!!!


  1. I am so glad your family is okay. Good luck finding another car.

  2. Oh Cari..I am so glad that your family is ok...what a scare...take care..