Saturday, January 15, 2011

'Gathering Seaside Wildflowers'

'Gathering Seaside Wildflowers' 16X20 in, oil on canvas, 2011, private collection - Ron Unruh Online Gallery

So, yesterday was my 42nd Birthday and it was a really nice day. Relaxing and enjoyable. Went out for lunch with my hubby, then I went out for a little "me" time - shopping with a nice Starbucks drink in hand. After picking up the kids from school my hubby prepared a wonderful & delicious pizza dinner and all of my family came over to enjoy it with me. Had one of my favorite cakes - Tuxedo cake - Yummy!!!

And then I was spoiled with an incredible present.

If you don't know, my dad is an artist. An incredible painter. He began painting when he was a young boy and then later over 40 years he was in the church ministry and as a senior pastor. Now that he is retired he is enjoying painting and working on projects for himself and for others.
This last month or so he has been working on a painting that really caught my eye and when I saw the finished product I loved it! It takes me to a peaceful and calm place where the waves can be heard crashing onto the shore, the birds flying over the sand and the smell of the wildflowers fill the air. I truly loved this picture.
So I came home and told my hubby that my dad had finished a painting that I loved and wished that I could have. Especially knowing that he was planning to have another Gallery showing in the future months I would have to save up some money if I wanted to have this work of art as my own.
Well, my dear Tim heard my heart's request and talked with my dad about the painting. Yes, you guessed it. Last night I received that wonderful gift - the pink bike is mine!!!! I was speechless and so touched with emotion to unwrap that special gift. (to see the painting click on the link above)

Now I have to find the perfect place to put it so that I can see it every day.


  1. What a beautiful painting, he is a fantastic artist!! How special to get that on your birthday, happy late birthday and TFS :)

  2. What a wonderful birthday surprise! The painting is amazing! I see why you love it so much!

    Happy Belated Birthday


  3. Happy birthday Cari! What a wonderful gift and even more special that your father painted it! I hope you find that perfect spot in your home to hang it.