Friday, February 04, 2011

Kitting ... and more kitting

With 9 classes coming up in the very near future I see a lot of paper, ribbon, flowers, buttons, and cardstock in my future! Fun stuff!! I actually do like kitting. I like getting everything organized and into their little piles ready to pack up. As you can see I was crazy enough to take some pictures yesterday.

I have another full day of kitting planned plus the weekend will involve a bit of the same. I'm getting ready for teaching classes at The Great Canadian Scrapbook Carnival in Victoria and Abbotsford, BC as well as a weekend of classes at The Scrapbook Parade on Vancouver Island. (here's another LINK to "An Inspired Journey" class list )I'm super excited about all these classes because they're filled with fabulous product!!

Here's some peeks at the classes that I'll be teaching over the next couple of months.

These are the Carnival classes:

And these are Scrapbook Parade weekend classes: (from what I've heard recently classes are filling up quickly and there's not a lot of spots left so if you're interested in any of these classes make sure to sign up soon!)

I've got one more class but it will be revised a bit so I'll share that ad a little later.

I want to remind you to check out Imaginisce's blog next week as we will be having an exciting week of Valentines projects! From layouts, to cards, to a variety of projects!

Well, I hope you have a great weekend!! Now, back to kitting!

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  1. If you end up having a bouquet of cards kit left please let me know. I would be interested in purchasing one.