Sunday, May 29, 2011

Beautiful Day

Oh, what a gorgeous day it was today! Just beautiful. Went early to church this morning with my mom to help with our Cafe Connect (we make fresh baked goodies, coffee & tea) and serve it after the service. Everyone loves it.
Then we came home and had some lunch. Kids played outside for a little bit. Then we went to pick up Kailyn from a friend's house and Tim dropped me off at a local track so that I could run laps. I always feel so good afterwards (but often struggle when I'm working hard). Then back home for supper. Kids are out playing again and I'm sitting here doing a bit of work and thinking of our beautiful day that we were blessed with.

This past Thursday Kailyn had her track n field event! It was great but rather chilly for those of in the stands. Her 1st run was the 800m. I missed as I was dropping the boys off at school but Tim said that she did great and placed 8th. Not too bad at all!!
Then her next run was the 100m and she placed 1st in her heat! So proud of her. Throughout the rest of the day she ran the 200m (another 1st place), 400m (8th place) and relay (she ran the last stretch and managed to get her team into 3rd place). She was exhausted later that evening but she did such an awesome job. Her entire school did really well too.

Here's a few shots from that day.
Winning the 100m!!
Proudly showing off her 1st & 8th place ribbons.
Winning the 200m.
On the way across the track to run the 200m. It was a chilly day but we were all thankful that it didn't rain.
Running the 400m - a long race to have at the end of the day but she did great!
Have a great evening!

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  1. Congrats on your little runner - we have a herd of them too!