Friday, October 14, 2011

A big day!

My daughter started playing soccer for the past 2 months with her school and she is just loving it! She has always had an interest in it but we never were able to put her into a league. This was a great opportunity for her to find out if she really like it though. She's a great runner and is smaller than most of the kids so she can move around quite quickly.
So after many many weeks of practice they are having a big soccer tournament today! I must admit, I am very excited to watch her play! I can't wait!

I do hope that she has fun and enjoys it today (as she was up very early this morning and it's going to be a long day!) Love you sweetie!

And then later on tonight, .... my son Ryan has his 1st basketball game! He's playing on a school team as well but through a different league. He's been enjoying it so far and I hope that he has fun tonight! I'm really looking forward to watching him play as well as it's just so exciting to see your kids doing things that they enjoy. He always has so much energy and it's fun to see them being so active and smiling!
Love you buddy!

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  1. Good luck on their games! It really is special to see kids going with full passion at something:0)