Thursday, December 13, 2012

Helmar & Simple Stories

Thanks for stopping by my blog today. Simple Stories & Helmar Adhesives are having a blog hop today & tomorrow. There's a ton of super fun projects to see so we hope you'll join us!

I love adding embellishments to my gifts so I decided to make some paper bows using Simple Stories Handmade Holiday collection and Helmar Adhesive.

I created 2 different sized bows because I wanted a smaller one for a tag.  The basic steps are quite easy.

Larger Bow

Cut several strips of patterned paper.
8 strips of 1" x 6"
4 strips of 1" x 5"
1 strip of 1 " x 4"

Then you will gently bend the strip and adhere the ends together (they will overlap).

Punch holes in each piece (make sure to punch the holes in relatively the same place)

Begin attaching the four 1" x 5" pieces using a large brad.

Adhere another layer behind the first (using 4 strips of 1" x 6" alternating paper).

Continue until you've used all the pieces and close up the brad on the backside.

Finish by adding the smaller strip (1" x 4") to the center (just put some adhesive on one end and form into a circle shape). Put a glue dot on the brad and then press down the center piece.


Smaller Bow

Cut several strips of patterned paper like you did for the larger bow using these measurements.
8 strips of 1" x 4"
4 strips of 1" x 3"
1 strip of 1" x 2"

Assemble the exact same way as you did for the larger bow.  This bow is about 1/2 the size of the larger one (measuring approx. 3" in diameter) so it is also be a great size to use on a card. 

 I used some Zap Dots by Helmar to add some dimension to the snowman & "Cheer" stickers.


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Thanks for stopping by my blog today and I hope you have fun making some bows of your own!

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  1. Love the bow and thanks for the tutorial on it! Looks amazing!