Thursday, August 08, 2013

Teacup Template

Recently I've had a few requests about the teacup set that I made using Imaginisce's Black Ice collection.

I love teacups and have a little collection of my own (from both of my grandmothers who have now passed.) When I made these I was reminded of both of these beautiful ladies.

For those of you that have been asking if I had a template ... well, I do! :)
I actually found the FREE template online at a site called Layers of Colors.   (It looks as if they've moved their blog site though to here .... Laura Kirste.

 Here's the particular post where I found it.

And here's that actual template that I used.

  CLICK HERE (to download template)

They also have a cute teacup card template that would be fabulous to make.

CLICK HERE (to download template)

So I hope you enjoy these templates.
Have fun creating!

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