Sunday, November 17, 2013

He's 9 today!!!

I can't believe that my little man turns 9 today!!!
He has brought so much joy & laughter to our family and has definitely made it complete!  I love him so much!
I asked him to smile ... and this is what I got! ;)

Yes, he's my little cool dude and I love him to pieces!!!

Isn't he just the cutest?

Yesterday he had a few friends over for a party. He wanted a minion themed party so that's what this mama tried to do.
I decorated some yellow gift bags with minions and filled them with some fun goodies.

Then added some minion eyes to the yellow cups and added mouths with a black marker.
I used my Xyron (5" Sticker Maker to adhere the eyes to the cups). It's so much easier than glue!

I printed out some more eyes that we added to yellow balloons.
Again, I used my Xyron (2.5" Sticker Maker to adhered the eyes to the balloons.)

And then I attempted to make some minion cupcakes (ideas found on Pinterest- love that place).  Jayden loved them!!  (good thing because I think Twinkies are the grossest thing ever!!!)

We took them swimming and then back to our place for something to eat & to open presents.

Well, that's it.
I'd like to invite you to join Xyron over the next 30 days (starting Nov. 18th) as the designers share a variety of Holiday themed projects!! You'll be inspired, intrigued and amazed at all of the beautiful creations!

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  1. Awesome Party creations! -He s a lucky boy to have Mum who goes to that effort. My son is also a fan of the minions , so you have given me some good ideas.