Thursday, January 16, 2014

It's been a while!

Boy! Time has passed and I haven't been on here for a while. Life is busy but going great!

I just celebrated my 45th birthday this past week! Sheesh! I can't believe that I'm 45! I'm ok with it but not ok with the fact that now it's way closer to 50!!! How did that happen?

I had a great day celebrating my birthday.
The day before I had lunch with my mom & sister-in-law at a great restaurant, Cactus Club! Such yummy food there!
Then had dinner at my folks on my birthday and was spoiled.
I got this gorgeous kettle from my folks. I've been wanting one like this forever! And it matches my kitchen perfectly - it's my favourite colour.

I got this super fun little kitchen gadget from my hubby & kids called a Milk Frother (and some Baileys :)) I can now have lattes at home - it's so easy! PLUS it's turquoise!!!

And my SIL and brother gave me this darling turquoise bird - again just perfect!

Now .... on to some fun things around my home and Simple Stories.

I've got a post up on their blog today. I'd love for you to go and check it out HERE!!!!
I created this Chore Chart for my kids. (hopefully this will help keep some order around here!)

Thanks for stopping by and have a super day!!!


  1. Happy Birthday Cari!! Add another to the list that isn't excited about that 50 thing (I'll be 46 in the spring... it is getting too close!!) I love the tea kettle!!! I like your chore chart too! What a neat idea!!

  2. I have been wanting to make my 3 kidddos a chore chart and just haven't been fond of any I have seen. UNTIL I saw this. :) Thank you for sharing. I might borrow this idea.