Monday, November 27, 2006

Canadian Scrapbooker winter issue ...

is out!!! YIPEE!!
Congrats to everyone who is published in this issue. It's another fabulous magazine! Here's one of my layouts that is in the magazine. I'll post more each day this week.

These pictures on this layout are from last January and Ryan & I were outside playing in the snow. It was a perfect winter day. Snowing big fluffy flakes and not too cold.

But today!!! Oh my!! It's FREEZING!!! Tonight it's supposed to get down to -38 degrees celsius (that's with wind chill!!!) What's with that????
It's just blowing & so snowy out there today that I made Tim get the kids to & from school. There's no way I'm going to drive out there today!

Our family in BC are experiencing winter too. From the sounds of it they are driving anywhere too soon either. Merry Christmas guys! LOL! It looks like it will be getting a tiny bit warmer by the middle of the week so that's a very good thing. I think some of us are starting to get cabin fever (and it's only November!)


  1. Anonymous2:34 PM

    oh man! We don't have snow at all yet--in fact, it rained. I think I'm going to freeze at Christmas, when we come home. Maybe I'll see you at church on Christmas Eve?

  2. Love the layout! The photos are awesome!

    I am not enjoying this weather - only 4 months till Spring!!!

  3. Love the title on there Cari! Very nice~
    I don't envy your weather...That's way too cold for me. Keep warm! ;)