Friday, August 24, 2007

Only 7 weeks left!!!!

I can't believe it!! There's only 7 more weeks left until Canada's Scrapbooking Crop for Kids happens!!! I can still remember the first time that Trisha contacted me and asked me if I would be interested in teaching at the event!!
I'm very exctied about this but feeling the pressure right now to get everything all ready for my classes. Hopefully they will go well and everyone will love their projects when they're finished!

I'm very excited to see friends and make new ones too!! It's going to be so much fun ... tiring ... but fun! ;)

The kids have been having a blast at soccer camp this past week. Today is their last day and hopefully they won't be too disappointed that it's over. I wish that we could put them into activities like this but right now it's just not feasible. Some day though I would like to do this. It's good for them to get out and play with other kids and just learn new skills.

I'm trying to get the kids ready for school as well. It's hard to believe that there's only 1 more weeks left until they start. I mentioned that to them yesterday and Kaiilyn kind of whimpered ... even though she really does like school. And then I mentioned to her that the day after her 1st day is her 7th birthday!! Well, that helped to widen her eyes and put a smile on her face! Yes, she'll be 7!!! I can't believe it either!

Well, I should go and clean up the kitchen and other messy areas of this house.

Here's a layout that I just finished the other night. Have a great day!


  1. Anonymous7:59 AM

    I'm teaching too! I still have to finalize 2 of my classes - ack!

  2. how exciting cari! i wish you all the best...i'm sure you won't need it! :)
    very fun layout too!
    good luck w/ school! lauren finished her first week last week! she loves it!

  3. it looks like I will be teaching at Crop for Kids should be a good time for sure!

    Lovely layout Cari!! TFS