Wednesday, September 05, 2007

2 BIG ADVENTURES on 1 day!!!

It's my daughter's 7th b-day today!!! Wow!!! I truly cannot believe that she is 7 years old! She is definitely growing up every day. I am enjoying watching her learn new things and develop into a beautiful young lady! (even though she's still very much a little girl!) She's so eager to learn new stuff and is so happy to be at school again. This morning she was very excited about it being her birthday. She asked me if I was going to bring cupcakes to school for her class. Well, I wasn't too sure if her teacher would like that. But Kailyn said "Oh no, Mommy. It's ok. Our teacher said that when it's your birthday you can bring cupcakes." Well, I had to double check with the teacher this morning just to be sure.
So, after I dropped her off Jayden & I did some errands and then came home and baked a bunch of cupcakes that will take to her class after lunch today. She'll be so surprised & excited!

Today was also Ryan's very 1st day of Kindergarten. I'll post a different picture later when I've uploaded it to my computer. He was sooooo excited this morning. He jumped right out of bed and promptly got dressed. Eagerly waited while I got his snack all ready & put it into his new snack bag. He wanted to be the one to put it into his backpack. It was just so cute to watch him be so excited about going to school. I'm so thankful that he was like this (and not a cling-on and scared to go - that would have made it really difficult). I'm hoping that he's having a great time this morning. I'll be picking him up soon so I'm sure he'll tell me all about it.
Then we need to come back home, have some lunch, ice the cupcakes and back to school to take the cupcakes to Kailyn's class. I feel like I've been in the van all day!!
Then come home and make some more sweet yummies for supper tonight, wrap up Kailyn's present, pick up Kailyn from school (yet again!!), come home and get supper ready!! Sheesh! I'm tired already!!!!


  1. Wow...I can't believe it. Grade 2 and Kindergarten already :).
    Love you, Kristin

  2. Your kids are so sweet! Your photosare awesome!!