Monday, October 01, 2007


Bad blogger! I'm sorry for not posting in so long. Life is just busy.

I can't believe that September is all over and it's October 1st already!! WOW!! Fall is truly coming upon us here. It was a beautiful day yesterday. Just gorgeous.

Friends of ours phoned us up in the morning before we left for church, told us to pack a change of clothes for our kids and said that they would watch our kids for the afternoon so that we could just have some quiet time together. I was so touched by this offer of kindness because the previous day I had a complete meltdown with my kiddos. Not something I really do but I think everything that is going on & the stress of life just caught up with me at a weak moment. My poor kids saw mommy cry and realized that they needed to be good for the rest of the day.
Anyways, Tim & I had a nice few hours of quietness which we really enjoyed. We then went for a walk and enjoyed the beautiful colors of the leaves and just being together.

Now back into the busy routine. This month is going to be rather crazy for me. I'm teaching a lot of classes at Urban and Canada's Scrapbooking Crop 4 Kids is in 2 weeks & I'll be teaching 4 classes at that. Still need to get some projects finished and prep kits for the classes as well. All things which take time so I just need to be on the ball & be a good time manager. I'm really looking forward to CSC4K - it's going to be a great time!!!

Well, I should run. Speaking of managing my time wisely - getting off this computer would be a good start! ;)

Have a great Monday!

Oh, and I'll leave you with a layout that I did for Urban. We were asked to use silly photos and given some of the new BG Obscure line. Fun stuff.


  1. Good luck with your classes! What great friends to take your kids and give you some time. :)

  2. I am glad that you updated your blog! I know those meltdowns that come with tears! I think we all have them no and again. I am glad that you are busy with scrappy stuff since your stuff is adorable! Take care and happy Monday!

  3. that layout is adorable! I hope you are feeling better now after a much needed break! You makesure to take care of yourself!!

  4. Anonymous7:15 AM

    How nice to have friends like that!! Glad you enjoyed your day and it sounds like you have a busy month!

  5. Sorry about your meltdown! I'm sure with 3 lil' kiddos, things can get quite stressful at times!

    I love this layout...totally cute!

  6. very pretty layout! I'm still anticipating those meltdowns with my little one! I feel it's quickly approaching!

  7. oh, i hear ya cari! mommy's need to have that meltdown from time to time. what great friends you have! hope things are good...sounds like you've been busy! the layout is very cute! hugs...

  8. Anonymous11:31 AM

    LOL!! Those photos are fabulous and the layout is fantastic!!!
    Your boys are so darn cute! ;o)