Thursday, March 13, 2008

Fresh spring air!

I just love that fresh smell of spring!! Always have! Even though we still have snow here I'm enjoying the beginnings of what I hope is the arrival spring. Although I did hear the weather reports of some snow flurries this weekend. Sure hoping that doesn't happen.

It was a beautiful day today - a little cooler but still very nice. Tim was home for the day and after going out to the scrapbook store I came home and went for a long walk. It felt good to do that and I really needed the fresh air.
I've been working hard this week on my class for Scrapbook Your Heart. The classes will be posted next week so make sure you check it out if you're planning on going. I know you won't be disappointed.

Here's a little sneak peek of my class - called "Things That Make Me Happy". We'll be making a clear (acrylic) album filled with pictures of things that put a smile on your face & warm your heart. So, don't forget to check the website for more pictures and details on the classes later on next week.

So, who ever invented the saying "terrible two's"??? I mean come on. Did they have kids? Because I can truthfully say that my children were angels when they were 2 years old but as soon as 3 rolled around ....... grrrrr!!!

Ok, I should clarify that. They weren't (and aren't) horrible or little monsters but they are definitely trying ... in every aspect. My youngest is at this stage right now and can really test us. And yes, he is quite a character and makes us laugh all of the time.
Well, I'm off. Take care.


  1. here's hoping my 14month old doesn't get any more terrible than he already is!

  2. lol..i hear you on the "terrible 2's" son is two and an angel.i'm bracing myself for 3!

    that butterfly on your peekie is it a punch?

  3. Umm, I'm working on "terrible about turn five's" right now. And "ARG!" definitely sums it up. LOL! Oh, and I'm totally wishing I could pop into one of your classes. I so love your style and would love to learn from the master. ;)

  4. your class looks great Cari, wish I was there to take it! Oh, and I saw the Canadian Scrapbooker yesterday. Lovely article, and some great projects to go with. congragulations!

  5. Cari, love your new header! It's pretty and springy! And as for the terrible three's, don't scare me. Jager's starting to really have his own "opinion", and he's 2, to think this could continue into the 3's! ei yi yi. wish I was at Scrapbook your heart to take your classes, I know they'll be fantastic and creative!

  6. Anonymous9:11 AM

    Oh that album looks gorgeous - so springy!