Saturday, March 08, 2008

It's gorgeous!!!

Finally!!! Yesterday & today have been absolutely beautiful!!! I think spring may finally be on its' way! (at least I sure am hoping it is!)

We went to the mall this morning. Well, Kailyn & I did. Tim took the boys for a haircut. They look so cute. The girls just went shopping. Tim had given me a GC (for Valentines) to one of my favorite clothing stores so I spent about an hour trying stuff on. I did manage to find new nice shirts on sale!! Hope they go with stuff! LOL!

We then came home for lunch, I tried to scrapbook a bit and then went over my music for worship practice later on today. I'm leading music tomorrow at church and I always seem to get so nervous (even though I used to do this all the time ... however that was 10 years ago). I think the once a month thing is harder than every other week. Although there's just no way I could do that much right now. It's just too hard with a young family. Anyways, I'm hoping the practice will go smoothly.

So, I'm sure you're all checking in to find out who the winner is of that copy of CANADIAN SCRAPBOOKER. Right??!!
Well, I did have a tie so I got my beautiful little helper (Kailyn) to pick the winner. So without anymore "yip-yapping" from me ...

the winner is .....


Congratulations Lisa! If you could just email me with your mailing address I'll get this copy sent out to you right away. I know that you'll love it too! ;)

Oh and for the rest of you that answered - YOU ALL DID A FABULOUS JOB! (I wish that I could send you all a copy! ;)) I know that some of them were kind of tricky. Sorry 'bout that.

Here's the answers.
1. Prima
2. Scenic Route
3. Hambly
4. Basic Grey
5. Making Memories
6. American Crafts
7. Creative Imaginations

Thanks so much for playing along!
Have a great weekend!


  1. Anonymous7:36 PM

    It was wonderful seeing you last night Cari! Thanks so much for stopping by!

    Hi Tim!!

  2. We are preparing for our Easter program at church. I am one of two pianists. It's a gorgeous cantata, but 20 pieces to learn. Luckly we divided it up between us. I just don't play as well as when I was younger. Less time to practice and older fingers. ;) So I feel your pain in the "nervous" department. It's so hard to be calm so the fingers do what they're supposed to. :) I wish you luck!!