Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The sun is shining

and it's a beautiful day. A bit on the chilly side right now but it is still early.

Ok, so yesterday I posted a layout (which is gone now) and had a major spelling mistake!! I don't know HOW I missed that! Good grief it was embarrassing! Well, the mistake is fixed and I just have to rescan.

We're thinking of repainting our kitchen. It's been blue for so many years and I'm so sick of it. I really wanted to do a rich warm brown but the trim on our white cupboards is wood and we have hardwood floor that is a dark cherry color so I don't think that the brown is really going to work very well. We're thinking a very dark sage green. So we'll see.
Here's a few pictures of our time in BC and the drive throught the mountains.
I just love all the flowers my parents have in their backyard each year. So I had fun taking pictures of some of the plants that were out.
Poor Ryan was sick for 3 days and just slept. I felt so bad for him but at least it was at the beginning of thr trip and was able to enjoy himself at the end of the week.
We went to the beach one afternoon - walked along the boardwalk and then had fish & chips for supper. As you can see it was a bit chilly especially with the wind. (Kailyn & my mom)

JJ having fun playing outside in the dirt with the trucks and tractors.

Had a busy day at play!

The view on our 13 hour long drive. The scenery was spectacular and the kids were such good travellers. (sorry for the glare in the photo but I took it as we were driving).

Have a great day!

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  1. Anonymous9:56 PM

    Sorry to hear Ryan wasn't feeling well! Glad he got better before the end of the trip though! You got some great pics there Cari!