Friday, January 09, 2009

Thanks Karen!

Well, I just happened across a blog the other day and loved her little side titles.  Karen Giron thank you so much for helping me out by making my some titles of my own too! I just LOVE them and you're such a sweetheart for doing this!

Hope everyone is enjoying the start of their weekend. Take care!!


  1. Hi Cari!!! Don't know if you remember me or not from Scrap That Moment, but I'm so happy I found your blog and am looking forward to seeing more of your work...I've always LOVED your stuff!

    Sarah Mullanix

  2. Anonymous9:45 PM

    Hey Cari, I see my your new banner that it's just like home there! Well, it is home there but you know what I mean LOL... I had to shovel twice today UGH! Likely will need it in the morning again too!