Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Our little vacation

Here's some pictures from our trip as I promised.

We took our family on a drive for 10 days traveling through Alberta. Not all over but to places that we wanted to see and visit friends.

We started our trek early on a Friday morning and drove non-stop for 12 1/2 hours to get to Edmonton. Yes, the kids were antsy and this was a long trip for them. Even though we'd done this trip many times before & they were relatively content this one seemed to take forever! Guess it would have helped if we'd had that adapater cord for the DVD player!!!

I love driving through the mountains. They're just so majestic.

Anyways, we got to Edmonton and had a great time there with friends. The kids & Tim went on our friends ski boat while the older boys wake boarded.

Then we went to West Edmonton Mall, which our kids just love and spent an entire day in the Water park. We had a blast! For Tim's 45th birthday present he wanted to bungy jump again ... so that's what he did!!

The next day was rather cloudy and rainy so we went to the mall again to walk around and the kids had some fun in Galaxy Land too.

After a few days in Edmonton we were on our way to Calgary.
I took this picture while we were driving so it's not the greatest (as there's some glare from my window. But I loved the contrast of colors from the yellow to green fields with the blue sky.)
We stopped first to visit some friends in Lacombe and then another stop in Drumheller to visit the dinosaurs at Royal Tyrrell Museum. Ryan really enjoyed that. I loved seeing the landscape as it's just so unique. That was one of my favorite sights - seeing all the different hills, fields, mountains as we drove through the country.

It was so great to see friends (Katharina and Allison) in Calgary and spend time with them in their homes. While there we took the kids to the Calgary Zoo which was awesome! It was a perfect sunny day and the zoo was fabulous. So many things to see.

The butterfly exhibit was cool - all these butterflies flying around and landing on us was a neat experience. This one landed on Kailyn's hat.

After being in Calgary for a short time we headed to Kelowna on our way home. We visited with friends that used to live in Edmonton and it was great to see them again and for our children to laugh and play together. We all had a fun time in their pool too - it was perfect to be there because it was a beautiful hot day!

(JJ just enjoying himself - he could have stayed in there forever!)

So that's our trip. We asked the kids what their favorite part was and they all said "everything!" I love that answer!


  1. excellent picture... I miss Alberta and hope to get back there :)

  2. Great photos...been years since I have been back to Alberta. Love the Royal Terrell museum.

  3. gorgeous pics Carie. what a great trip - no wonder the kids said "everything" - how cool.

  4. Thank you for your wonderful and positive promotion of Canada :-). Signed a friendly scrapper from Saskatchewan!

  5. Anonymous6:14 AM

    love the pictures and that last one on the float is adorable - I see you making an awesome page with it!

  6. Oh my goodness Cari! We've had the exact same trip, but in the opposite order. We did Drumheller-Calgary-Banff-Jasper-Edmonton. It was a great time and now we're off to the lake this morning. Wish I would've known we were both going to be out that way; it would have been nice to meet you for lunch one day or something. Glad you guys had such a great time. By the look of your pictures; it sure looks like the kiddies had a lot of fun!