Saturday, January 07, 2012

All done! (Cleaning Scraproom Post 2)

Phew! I really didn't think that it would take me 2 days to clean out my closet ... but it did!! I purged a ton of stuff and could open up a store!!

It's such an incredible feeling to have cleaned so much out, re-organized and tidied things up. I really needed to clean my scraproom up because it always serves as my piano studio. I hate having it a mess when my students come so I really felt the need to re-organize and clean up!

Here's the closet BEFORE:
I had tall paper racks - 1 1/2 for Canadian Scrapbooker stuff
and the other was Manufacturer/Design Team products. It was just getting too hard for me to search
for a certain collection/paper when I needed it for an assignment.
It wasn't horrible but it was just too full and my paper was getting wrecked and was so disorganized & hard to find certain papers when I was working on assignments. Plus to the left of the paper racks I had hidden tons of 'schtuff' that just needed to be put away & cleaned up (or even thrown out!)

Here's the mess after I emptied the closet completely!
Lovely, huh?

... and here it is AFTER.
My hubby added 2 new shelves (one high up where I put all my photo boxes)
and then another shelf lower down where I was able to put all of my paper.
My patterned paper for Canadian Scrapbooker (is all on the shelf) ...
... and various manufacturers (in the racks below), and machines.
As you can see ... I really did purge quite a lot.
I organized my patterned papers by manufacturer because that works well for me.
I put some magazine boxes in my closet and the boxes contain
Embossing folders, dies, chipboard shapes & alphas, fabric, felts, etc.

The shelf in my room needed a bit of rearranging and purging as well
so I moved some of my magazine boxes into the closet to make room for my Cricut E2.

Here's the BEFORE:
(it's not horrible but it needed some cleaning)
... and here's the AFTER:

Well, that's it! I'm exhausted ... but definitely ready to SCRAPBOOK now!!


  1. LOVE seeing your room! TOO fun! And nice work on the purging!

  2. Job well done! I know you feel great now that it is done. My room is on my calendar for later this month, wish me luck. Like you, I could open a store!