Monday, March 11, 2013

A Mini Retreat

Our family went away this past weekend on a mini retreat from life.
We were all so excited to escape and just hang out somewhere else. The fun part was we didn't have to go very far or spend lots of money. We feel so blessed to have such generous friends.

Friday night we celebrated our family's Annual Ice Cream Cone Day (in honor of my Grandpa).  We had a great time eating lots of ice cream and hanging out together.
Ryan enjoying Heavenly Hash!
JJ enjoying Creamsicle.
Kailyn loved Creamsicle as well.
Kailyn & Kadence. Yummy cones right girls?

My Dad enjoying a cone in honor of his Dad!

Gina & Kale. This tradition is always so much fun!

Afterwards we drove a short journey to a Bed & Breakfast called the Haddon House.  Wow!! What a beautiful place.  If you live in the Vancouver area or you're in need of a place to stay (instead of a hotel) this is the place to be!! The surroundings are gorgeous. The house is a heritage home and is stunning. We were spoiled immensely with delicious food for breakfast and supper.

We spent Saturday at the Vancouver Aquarium. Lots to see and the kids enjoyed the sights.

The jellyfish were so amazing!

This little starfish just clung to the window. I love the contrast of the orange against the green too.


Aww, little Nemo. Isn't he cute?

We watched the Beluga whales ... Tim & the kids sat in the 'splash' zone" and were VERY close to getting soaked! But they came out dry which I'm thankful for.

Now we're just trying to get back into routine again and it's not easy with the time change. Boy! Did morning come early!

But I'll end with these pics of the kids with Dutchess.  A new friend that they made this weekend.  Now they want a puppy and have started filling a jar to save up!!  (it's going to be a while 'til that jar gets filled that for sure!!)

(p.s. if you know how to get rid of 'green'eyes I'd love to know. ;))


  1. Your children are gorgeous, Cari. Weren't they all just babies last week?? I love the idea of an ice-cream day in honour of somebody. I need to book a weekend away somewhere with the kids and Hubster. "A change is a s good as a rest", as they say here. You don't need to spend money to have a good time with family - ever. Sometimes the best things in life aren't *things* :-)

  2. Great shots! The only way I know how to get rid of the green eyes is printing the photos and using creative memories pet eye pen. Good luck