Saturday, November 12, 2005

I'm in the process...
of doing the links on the sidebar of my blog. I've wanting to add links to a whole bunch of sites so I'm still working on this. Bear with me. I'm not a computer genius by any means so it's just taking a bit longer than many of you. Hopefully I can figure some more out tonight once the kids are in bed.
We had an adventurous day today. The reason being that we went to the mall!! We must have been crazy! What were we thinking? Oh, ya ... we weren't! We just wanted to get the kids out for a bit today. I think everyone else had the same idea!! It was insane!! But it definitely was an outing.
We thought that we would maybe get some christmas shopping done. Well, we did get a couple of things but not a lot. Tim bought me my present (after I showed him what I wanted) and it was on sale!!! Now, I usually like surprises when it comes to presents but this one I can handle. Sorry .. can't tell you!! It's a secret!!! LOL!
How many of you have done that before? Bought something with the other persons' knowledge? Sometimes it works and other times it doesn't. I know that I usually prefer them and would rather not know ahead of time. It kind of takes the joy out of it. (but like I said - I'll be okay with it this time!)

Well, I should run here. Gotta do some "play" time with the kids, then bathtime, then bedtime!! And hopefully I'll have some scrapping time!! :) Oh, ya! I've got to add links to my blog too!

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