Thursday, November 17, 2005

{It only happens ONCE a year!} Yep!!!! Yummmy, yummy!!! Starbucks rocks!!! I just love the Gingerbread lattes and the Eggnog ones too. I still need to try the Peppermint latte. They are just so delicious. (especially with all that whip cream on top! :) )
If you haven't tried one yet it's a definite "must"! And they only make them for a limited time only.
My mouth is watering already just thinking about it. I could really use one too. Woke up with a doozer of a headache (probably 'cause I went to bed too late and was a bit stressed about leading choir practice last night, too!) Maybe I'll stop by and get one before I pick up Kailyn from school this morning.


  1. Too funny Cari. I love them too. I have to go for half sweet though. Gotta taste the coffee as well.

  2. Hey, I didn't know you had a blog!!! That's pretty sweet! I was a spy and found you through Kristin.

    Mmmmm. Christmas drinks at starbucks. I won't lie. I may work at Second Cup, but the gingerbread latte at "buckies" beats ours... hands down. (*You didn't hear this from me though*)

  3. Hi Cari,
    I am a local scrapbooker from Edmonton and I found your site from Scrap that Moment..anyways, I just wanted to say that from your inspiration of this wonderful beverage, I decided to do the same thing, and take a pic of my favourite starbucks drink and make a scrapbook page out of it. I had an idea in mind from a Pick of the Patch page (Rachel Carlson) I wanted to scraplift and this was the perfect fit.

    Here's the link if you're interested.

    So I just wanted to just say thank you for the inspiration :)