Friday, March 10, 2006

I'm behind!

Well, it's amazing how quickly a week can go by. I've missed posting here and can't say that I'll do better but I guess once a week isn't too bad (considering I'm busy with 3 small kids!!)

I made up another card this week for ST Paper Trends (baby shower cards call). Yep!!! I'm still going to bug them. I really like this one and if they don't that's fine by me 'cause there's a couple of ladies in my church that have & are having babies. So maybe one of them will get it!

Guess what we're doing tonight? Tim & I are taking Kailyn & Ryan to the circus!!!!! They are SO excited!!! (in fact, I think Tim & I are too!! ) I haven't been since I was a little girl and I'm eager to watch their expressions & then later hear their little chatter as they talk about all that they saw! Should be a very fun evening!


  1. hi cari! such a cute card!!! if they don't want this one their wacked in the head!! :) ha ha
    how was the circus? hope you guys enjoyed yourselves. any belly aches from cotton candy? :) good luck with the card!

  2. I'm loving this card, Cari! It's GORGEOUS!

    So, how was the circus?