Saturday, March 11, 2006

Last night ...

we had so much fun at the circus!!! The kids really enjoyed themselves. I really liked watching their faces as they took it all in (mouths wide open and eyes, too). They even got to ride an elephant!!! I do believe that was the highlight of the evening for them!

I'm hoping that my pictures turned out (because Yes! I still do "film"!) and then I'll post a few them. But you'll have to wait a few days 'til I can do that.

Today it's snowing ... AGAIN!!! I must admit I love the look of the huge, fluffy snowflakes as they fall to the ground. It's so beautiful. The kids are still enjoying it too. I played outside with Ryan yesterday for a bit and took some pictures of him. Hoping they were good ones - you never know, right?
I must admit though that I'm getting jealous of my many friends in BC & the states who are enjoying the spring blossoms and budding flowers already!!! It'll be a few more months 'til we can enjoy that here. So I decided to change my banner to a more spring-like look.


  1. we've got spring blossoms and we had snow this week, Cari! LOL!!! We even had snow, hail, rain and sunshine on the same day this week! That's March in Washington!

  2. soooo glad you enjoyed the circus! hope the pict. turn out. i still do "film" to cari! and maybe digital 1/4 of the time. if i had a faster digital i'd probably convert. ah, i remember those snow days in april/may up in alaska. but summers were soooo worth the wait! i know canada is just as pretty in the summer, so hang in there girlfriend!

  3. sounds like you had fun at the circus! Elephants...thats the reason why my dh doesn't let us go!!!! LOL!!! He is scared there will be a stampede!!!