Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Another month over!

I really can't believe how quickly the month of May has zipped by! Unbelieveable!! That means that Kailyn will be finished Kindergarten in a month. I can't believe that either. My baby girl, my first born will be heading to Gr.1 in the fall. Yikes!! She has learned so much this past year both at school from her teacher and from her friends (some good things and some, well, you know, not what every mother wants their child to learn! LOL). However, I am glad that she has enjoyed her year and the new friendships that she has made.
Our lives, right now, seem to be a bit crazy and kind of upside down. Especially with Tim's job and all that's going on there. It's hard to explain it all here now but I just ask for your prayers whenever we come to mind.
I know that I need to trust God daily and for everything. And I do. However, I am only human and there are those moments when I wonder how will get through or why is this happening or I don't want to have to go through that. All those kinds of emotions, anxieties and feelings also accompany these thoughts as well. I must admit that I'm finding myself a bit stressed out and I know that this is THE time that I should be trusting God the most. I know that He has a plan and that He has it all in control. It will all work out, ... I know that. It's just hard right now.

Thanks everyone for your sweet comments and congrats on my last post (about the ST call). That means a lot!! And yes! I'm still very excited about it!! Mailed my stuff off on Monday so hopefully they get there safely and quickly.

We have a beautiful day of weather planned for the next few days and it's about time because it's been rather rainy here lately. So this is a welcome change indeed.
Hope you all enjoy your day!


  1. thinking of you Cari!
    i wish you all the best!

  2. You KNOW I'm praying for you my dear friend!

    I tell ya...we need to be neighbors so we can have each others' shoulders in times like these.

    Love you!

  3. My daughter "graduates" from Pre-K tomorrow... I am rather nervous about the whole thing and the thought that soon (too soon) she will be entering school with like buses and such.. just too much...

    thinking of you...

  4. hugs to you cari...hope all works out ok for you and your family! i would have to agree that the month of may just zipped on by...that seems to be the case these days! just not enough time!

  5. Hang in there, Cari! All will come out just as He planned and you will be happy, whatever it is. I think of you and pray for you and your family daily, my friend. :)