Monday, June 05, 2006

I created a Slide Show! Check it out!

I just set up a little slide show of some of my layouts. I'll try to add to it as I remember. You can also find more of my work in my gallery at Scrap That Moment and Creative Xpress (I'll put a link to it later.) We (the DT) just posted some new layouts from our sponsor Wausau at STM. So, go & check it out here.

Yesterday it was my turn for leading music (I'm always a nervous wreck!) and things went really well in comparison to practice the day before. Oh my! However, I have to laugh a bit because we were to sing "O Sacred Head Now Wounded" and my team there are just ladies singing (which makes it fun for doing parts vocally). This was being sung during communion and I wanted us to sing the first verse a cappella with the congregation. Well, we started singing and I'm thinking "boy! It's awfully quiet with just us singing. I began to wonder if the words were up on the Power Point and they were. I still wasn't hearing the congregation sing. It turns out that we ended up singing a trio (very much NOT intended) but from what I've been told and heard from others it was greatly appreciated and fit perfectly with communion. Lord, I pray that we honored with our words and our voices yesterday.

We've been having wonderful weather these last few days. Went to a Bar-B-Q last night with friends. The kids had a great time, we had a great time, came home a bit late for the little ones though so getting Kailyn ready for school this morning wasn't that much fun for any of us.
Just finished baking some cookies with the kids and now we're going to go outside for a little while. I'm sure JJ will be waking up from his nap some time soon so we need to get out while we can.
Hope all of you had a wonderful weekend and hope that you're off to a good start of a new week.

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  1. Oh Cari! I'd love to hear your choir sing. I bet it's just WONDERFUL! Our church choir is um...a, ya know.


    I'm so glad you're having great weather. We are too! Not too hot...yet.

    Have a great day m'dear!